In the MIIS program, our students' success hinges on our collaboration with industry. Together we can make big things happen in the field while we train the next generation of information scientists.

Sponsor a Capstone Project

Develop a relationship with a team of MIIS students while solving a research problem plaguing your organization. Our students get real-world research experience and you get a team dedicated to solving your problem.

Offer an Internship

Once you've met a group of students and developed a relationship with them, you might want to consider offering an internship or two at your company. You test drive a future employee and our students add to their ever-increasing skill set. It's a win-win situation.

Recruit Our Students

You developed a great working relationship with our students through their capstone project and internship. Now you know they'll be successful at your company. Plus our students will be inclined to accept your job offer because they have an excellent understanding of your organization.

Ready to start working with us? To discuss any of these options — or to pitch one we may not have listed — contact Sasha Balobeshkina.